About us

The Hacklmusic Webshop is the most convenient way to order our custom made products and top products from selected manufacturers we have personal relationship with.
Happy testing with no risk - our full money back guarantee makes it possible. We ship worldwide.

Since 1965 Hacklmusic has focused on designing and engineering innovative hand crafted brass instruments and accessories [Hybrass, DeeflexxBrass etc.]. It is unique in the industry, that this family business is run by 2 generations of professional trumpet players & brass instrument makers.
This broad knowledge enables their holistic approach guiding the artist through all elements involved (players ability & style of music, instrument, mouthpiece, sound enhancers etc.). Hacklmusic is also a distributor for AMT Microphones, Virtuoso Saxophones, Legend Series Mouthpieces & Blow Dry Brass. All high end manufacturers we have a close relationship with.